My church is everywhere I put my feet.

I will literally be on some child’s pose, mountain pose, or just kneeling ish and be like

“Thank you, Earth for providing me food and shelter.”

Other people: But church is different… It’s a place you go.

Me: Ok but I’ll be back to church in like an hour when I go hug a tree.

I go to church every day Y’all.


On a discussion of why Pagan blogs don’t mention many paths in Paganism when addressing beginners.

I think that is the point of a lot of these post, to address beginner not tell them about the deep inner working of paths rarely mentioned.

Honestly, I’ve never felt Paganism is a handout type religion. You do research and you read and you’ll eventually get there. And with there being many types of paganism, traditions aren’t always relevant; but if your path takes you there hopefully you’ve already come to a healthy respect that calling yourself Pagan isn’t just goddess worship and reading a blog.

That’s one of the things I love about my path as an eclectic Reconstructionist. My focus isn’t on a neo-pagan based tradition, but studying and learning from multiple disciplines to have an idea of what the old ways of my “chosen” paths are.
I think giving away to much isn’t necessarily beneficial and can also be overwhelming especially for younger new Pagans or anyone converting.

I think we all have a basic understanding that Paganism has a lot to offer, but it’s important to also find it when we are ready.

There are so many paths and even Pagans who point out that so few are brought out in beginners post often know a lot of the paths that exist.

Things we read that are obviously not academic or scholarly should be taken with a grain if salt. Hell, even those should be taken with a grain of salt.

You shouldn’t ever read one thong and take it as the end all and only answer.

I recently read a blog post’s comment section where a curious Christian asked if Pagans considered religion a something that changes with the season because the author mentions her path had changed. I do think our path can change with the season. Why? Because our understanding changes as we learn more and delve deeper. And it can be so different from the growth the person on the same path sitting beside you. It’s personal. That’s what spirituality is. It’s our connection with whatever it is we connect with and how we understand the universe. It’s all pretty similar, but our approaches are different. So why be so concerned with what a beginners post doesn’t have when the point isn’t to give others everything. Time. Knowledge. Balance. Wisdom.

Deity and paganism

I’ve through plenty of crap in life that makes me doubt the existence and concept of all power omnipotent deity.

Please don’t try to tell me that the only way to be pagan or a witch is to have deep unwavering faith in a deity. You probably don’t really understand what either is.

Neither requires a belief in a deity, but apparently, people are so wrapped up in religion that they can’t understand being spiritual as something separate from a deity, even pagans, and atheists.
We’ve mingled spirit with the holy spirit and have forgotten that it also means many other things. Its even in the dictionary for basics.

Being spiritual is coming to understand that there are thing that surpass our limtied knowledge, seeking answers,  and coming to understand of ourselves.

You don’t need god for that.