How has Arty helped me through the years.

If you are ever around me for a decent period of time, you’ll find out about Arty and how much of an asshole he is. Since I was 15 we’ve argued, fought mental battles, giving each other the silent treatment. Yes. this jerk will go off and leave me confused if I’m not doing exactly what he wants. Like when I started dating my husband  and when we got married. It’s not that he doesn’t’ like him or something. I just don’t follow his timeline, so he gets pissy.

For a long time I thought the white cat was a figment of my imagination. An imaginary being that an introverted child who hated people, was antisocial and asocial came with.

Imagine my surprise when at 15, I started clearly hearing the voice. Well, not super surprised. I was learning about the spirit realm and spirit guides. I had decided to make contact and was following a…umm I think it was a month… plan to make contact with you guide. The purpose was to create a place where you’d be safer from other spirits that may not be so nice. So a little bit in I started hearing a voice at night. I was sleep so I assumed I was dreaming.  One night loud and clear “Zephyrrine!” Ok, I slept with the light on and gave up on contacting my guide. I tried again, a few weeks later,  after calming myself down. I finally was able to enter our space and visit for the first time with Artemis (Arty).

Arty was the silent nudge when I was a young child.
He was the annoyance of my conscious as a young adolescent telling me that I needed to stand up for myself.

He has been my teacher and guide for the last 8 years.
Most importantly he has been my protector who found his way to me before I knew he existed.

Arty, even with all his douche nozzleness, has been the one constant in my life and I am still rather surprised, yet grateful about the bond we share.


The diversity of my path

The ten years I’ve been practicing and studying have lead me to many interesting topics that have resonated  on a soul level with me.   My path has grown to incorporate some of the practices from Afican based religions, models of Helenic practice, and reconstructions of the ancient Celts.

I suppose since I know nothing of my ancestry other than at least one part of my family came to America as slaves, I had been, searching for my path, but never found it. I thought in my ignorance of what paganism is, that it would be found in Wicca, but that religion held no appeal to me, other than its helping me to transition my thinking away from my Christian upbringing, as well as having a general structure that help me understand concepts that I have since seen reflected in other practices. This is not to say I think poorly of Wicca, as I do have some practices in Wicca that I still see useful in my physical representation of spirituality thought;its just that it wasn’t for me.

I’ve determined that my spirituality is characterized by appreciation of the earth. I attempt to understand it and respect it in ways similar to the ways our ancestors would have as they lived off of the earth, it whatever way I can find applicable in our modern times.

I endeavor to respect and understand all religions, especially those whose practice, or part of its practice, reasonate with me, by studying it.

Perhaps this is why Celtic paganism has connected with me on such a deep level. Celtic culture has been of interest to me since I was a young child. Celtic paganism itself was a concept I stumbled upon in year one of my studies.

Its been sixteen years since I recognized I beliefs were different from my family. -Its still amazes me that I understood the power and draw of nature that young and remember it vividly.- Eleven years since I discovered what that meant. Five years since I truly accepted that it was ok to be different and be myself without letting fear guide me.

This journey has been beautiful.

Podcast share: Spiritual Focus vs. Large Distractions

Spiritual Focus vs. Large Distractions

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