Podast share- CMP Special 05b – Samhain 2008 Part 2

I’d like to share a podcast that I thoroughly enjoyed about Samhain with yall, just in time for Samhain. It gives some great info about Samhain in relation to the Celtic paths.

CMP Special 05b – Samhain 2008 Part 2

In our second half, we conclude our celebrations with four great pieces of music, a short story, an excerpt from A Druid’s Herbal by Ellen Evert Hopman and some great family stories from listeners….

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The Roles Filled by Clergy, Explained

This is the type of statement we need. Thank you.


I interviewed a prospective student recently and asked her what her goal was with training. What did she eventually want to do with information I taught her? She said she wanted to become a High Priestess. I asked her what she meant by that, and she couldn’t explain it to me.

I’m not surprised. It seems like such a simple concept, but there’s more to it than many of us think. Breaking down the different roles filled by a High Priestess – or really any clergy member – isn’t exactly a regular conversational topic, and it’s not covered in the intro books either.

Why not?

We Pagans and Polytheists are reinventing the wheel in several areas. It’s part and parcel of trying to simultaneously revive ancient practices, meld those practices into modern life, and create something that will endure into the future.

Thing is, there’s so much assumption going on…

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