Do you really give thanks to the earth?

Humans, for the most part, are awful creatures. I do appreciate when people show what it means to be at the top of the food chain, however. Why? Because despite having larger brains that have contributed to our migration and takeover of the inhabited environments of other species around the world due to our supposed advances in reasoning skills, language, complex problem solving, social learning, and tool use, we are selfish, ridiculous creatures.

We are the stewards of this planet.

Do you have the permission of the land?

Think about it. Do you?

Our existence and survival require that we subsist on the bounty the earth provides.

It all involves taking from the earth. It seems to be rather commonplace to take without considering what all had to be down to allow you to have whatever material you have obtained.

Home, food, clothing; and that’s just the basics, but what all do they have in common.

Pollution, usurping wildlife from their homes, destroying vegetation, digging into the earth and breaking her apart.

It’s all admittedly something that is a part of human survival to a large degree, though I don’t believe that the degree in which we do so is necessary. (I’ll stop at that point though and leave that for a more political based post).We have to do what it takes to thrive, but do we consider petitioning the land for its use and giving back to it as often as we can.

Many of us are used to the idea of asking first before taking things for magickal purposes but do we consider doing it for non-magickal purposes, such as our general survival or giving back to help sustain and replace what we have taken. Many of us don’t live in a self-sufficient way. We live in cities and can’t do much to completely sustain ourselves, but how many of us seek to do more than saying “Thank you”  during rituals at Sabbaths; which those thanks are often directed towards deities that “created” nature rather than nature itself. Please ignore the agnostic slips.

In my experience with other pagans, I’ve noticed that many just take things for granted and don’t give a before or after thought to the Earth because we take the Earth as something that is here for us. I used to be like that till I recognized the symbiotic-like relationship between the earth and humans.

But this isn’t as horrible as it sounds. We all lead busy lives, in a society that has made the practical destruction of Earth acceptable. Though some changes have been instituted, like recycling and emission programs. Many still need to be able to understand how to help reduce the damage they create on a regular basis and consider how just asking before hand can affect your relationship with the earth.

The Earth is not our property.

We have allowed a capitalistic society to trick us into seeing land and resources as something that can be owned by a few rather than something that requires our respect and can not be owned.  Asking for permission from the Earth and its resources would seem to help put in perspective that we are stripping a living thing of its parts.

Would you simply take something from someone that was theirs or under their guardianship? Or would you make a request of its use and wait for a response.

And be sure you will get a response, just like anytime you petition a deity or nature; and just like those times, you may not get the answer you want to hear.

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