Cleansing, clearing, and reestablishing a witchy home

Shit happened

At the beginning of the year, our life partner died. Or was murdered. depends on how you look at it. I’ll be real. I still fucking pissed as hell. I had a lot of negative feels about that. I let my anger fester and it polluted the energy in our home. I was angry and confused. I blamed my magick. I blamed everyone, so the energy got worse. You could walk into our apartment and feel it. It felt like a vicious entity that latched onto you. Then we had other things that happened and employment changes. This year sucked for the first half.

But we are supposed to move at the end of the year and we wanted to host one more ritual for Heathen House just in case. Of course, I decided to host Samhain and bad energy plus Samhain is not a good idea.

I was just existing trying to find the motivation to sit there and plan out how to dispell the negativity in our home when we remember that DFW Pagan Unity Fest was about to happen. So we went and we healed a bit.

I feel like I can breathe. Like the some of the fog was lifted. So now I have to cleanse my home in prep for the celebration and I don’t feel completely unmotivated.

How I will Clear

Clearing is more of a personal meditation. I get my thoughts in order I fix my personal energy. I balance myself. I think some chakra healing is in order.

How will I cleanse

I am an all elemental working witch.

So for water and earth will be a salt water wash as a basic cleanse to clean and help eliminate negative energy.

Fire- I will physically be burning some things in the home. The useless paper that has cluttered our lives. I’ll strategically place candles and perform some protective fire spells.

Air- I always use incense to invite positive energy into my home.

How will I establish a witchy home

  • Purge the home of excess
  • Rebuild altars
  • Renew protections
  • Reconsecrate herbs, candles, and toolsI’m totally ready for this.

    Be Blessed my friends,


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