Why I don’t celebrate Christmas.

This will be brief because for me it is a matter of respect. Its past the holiday, so I feel its fine to post without ruining it for those that enjoy it.
If you are a pagan who has been studying for any length of time, you probably have run across the pagan origins of most holidays ( so you won’t mind if I don’t elaborate). If you aren’t familiar with it please take time to look it up.

To me having my own set of holidays that revolve around the things that are important to me, is perfect.

“But its a great time to spend time with family?”

None of my blood family celebrates holidays any longer. Even if they did I wouldn’t waste time going to see them for the Holiday, if it can be helped. My chosen family and poly partners are pagan or pagan supporting. They celebrate the sabbaths, so I have plenty time to spend with them.

Most important to me though is that I still respect the fact that some people do celebrate it as a religious holiday, whether they know the facts or not. They have Christmas to celebrate their beliefs and family. I have Yule, I don’t need both.

I’m not comfortable celebrating it. I won’t really be ok living in a house where it celebrated. In my perspective, there are plenty family and friends that are interested in it for me to not be forced into dealing with it.

I don’t celebrate any other religions holidays, so why should I celebrate Christmas just because its been secularized.

I see no place for it in my life as a pagan, because like it or not, Christmas has been celebrated as a religious holiday for a while. I respect that. I also respect other people right to celebrate the secularized holiday as long as they aren’t trying to force it on me.


Much needed disclaimer for the ignoramuses.

As much as people love to blame my upbringing as a Jehovah’s witness for my disdain for many holidays, I would like to point out that it shows a few things. 1) That you blatantly ignore experiences I’ve had and shared with you, 2) you are forcing the idea that all holidays have to be religious based – whether you believe that ideology or not, 3) that your fun is more important than something that is a belief of others.

My decisions regarding my discomfort in celebrating Christmas is something I’ve made after years of soul-searching. Your need to sum it up to an explanation that works for you is at the very least disrespectful. For some people these things may be reason why we are not close as we once were, we aren’t really moving forward or that I don’t give you a place in my lie at all.

Traditions of others do not have a place in my deciding what I feel is right or wrong for me participating in. If it does not resonate with e, I will not do it. It’s that simple. You may do as you wish. I have no desire t tel you how you should feel or do. I can only dictate what I will do. If you feel that my expression of my opinion is so harmful to your practice or desires, please examine your own faith and reason for doing what you do.


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