Do you really give thanks to the earth?

Do you have permission of the land?

Think of what you do.

It all involves taking from the earth. It seems rather common place to take without considering what all had to be down to allow you to have what ever material you have obtained.

Home, food, clothing; and that’s just the basics, but what all do they have in common.

Pollution, usurping wildlife from their homes, destroying vegetation, digging into the earth and breaking her apart.

It’s all admittedly something that is apart of human survival to some small degrees, though I don’t believe that the degree in which we do so is necessary. (I’ll stop on that point though and leave that for a more political based post.)We have to do what it takes to thrive, but do we consider petitioning the land for it use and giving back to it.

Many of us are used to the idea of asking first before taking things for magickal purposes,  but do we consider doing it for non-magickal purposes, such as our general survival, or giving back to help sustain and replace what we have taken. Many of us don’t live in a self-sufficient way. We live in cities and can’t do much to completely sustain ourselves, but how many of us seek to do more than say “Thank you”  during rituals at Sabbaths; which those thanks are often directed towards deity that “created” nature rather than nature. Please ignore the agnostic slips.

In my limited experience with other pagans, I’ve noticed that many just take things for granted and don’t give a before or after thought to earth because we take the earth as something that is here for us. I used to be like that till I recognized the symbiotic like relationship between the earth and humans.

But this isn’t as horrible as it sounds. We all lead busy lives, in a society that has made the practice destruction of earth acceptable. Though some changes have been institutes, like recycling and emission programs. Many still need to be able to understand how to help reduce the damage  they create on a regular basis and consider how just asking before hand can affect your relationship with the earth.

I’m going to share some things I have done, still try to do, and as part of my spiritual goal for 2015, renew my pledge to doing these things with vigor. These are all things that I believe help me on my path as a nature based pagan, in some way, mostly in reminding me that it is in fact the earth that sustains us.

  • We currently live in apartment, but this can be applied to houses as well. I have always had this weird quirk. When looking at new apartments I always make contact with the earth (whether by physical touching something, dirt, rocks, plants, even the concrete if that’s all that available). I talk to it. I ask permission to potentially make a home on that plot of land, apologize for any damage that has been done,  and thank the earth for the shelter that has been built.
  • I try to use eco-friendly products.
  • I try to use cruelty free products.
  • I try to do a mostly plant-based diet. I am a lacto ovo vegetarian.
  • I attempt to lessen my carbon footprint in any means available to me.
  • I attempt to be mindful of where our food comes from and how it affects people.
  • I try to reduce processed food consumption in my household.

Please notice that I said “try”. One thing I have learned in this 3 year journey to a less process and more earth friendly life is that you have to do what is in your means, not what you think people expect and eco-friendly earth activist to do. Sometimes finances or time or even crucial needs prevent us from doing certain things. TRY, that’s what counts, doing every little bit is important. Given time and dedication you will receive. Don’t focus on doing things a set way because burn out is a thing.

So in what ways do you give thanks to the earth?

Blessed New Year.


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