Samhain ritual

Written and performed November 2014

Set up a seasonal alter:


Goddess and god candle

Samhain tarot set up

Censor incense- Sage, bay, almond , allspice

Quarter candles

Harvest foods. Root vegetable, Nuts

Light the quarter candles

Tonight we gather to honor the end of the harvest.

We honor the bounty that has been provided, by mother, father and the laborers.

Light the god and goddess candle.

We thank the earth for all that it has provided during the warm season.

Summer is over and we welcome the coming change of season.

Pick up the bread and tear off a small piece, dipping it into the drink.

We honor the spirits, our beloved dead.

We offer you libations in honor of all that you provided life and the knowledge and guidance you provide us from beyond the veil.

We bless those that have walked our paths before us.

Please take a moment to honor those that came before us and to give thanks for all they have done. Please also take this time to acknowledge those that you have known personally who have passed.

We light this candle to guide those who have passed. We welcome those who offer no negativity.


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