Mabon ritual

Written and performed September 20. Our celebration was also on Hubby’s birthday.

Set up a seasonal alter:


Goddess and god candle

Mabon tarot set up

Censor incense- clove, myrrh, cinnamon, sage

Quarter candles

Light the god and goddess candles

The season changes, the wheel has turned.

The second harvest is upon us, the equinox. It brings about a time to reflect on the bounty the great mother has born.

Take a moment to reflect on the significant things that have happened to you over the past year.

Light the quarter candles

The sun is fading but our hearths are inviting. Our memory of summer will warm us as the days grow colder.

Let us remember those that labored through the season of hard work to provide our bounties and wish them a period of rest.

The time of change is upon us.

May they grant us strength and wisdom through this season.

United in life, slumber, and abundance, blessed be to all.

May their light, shown in sun and moon, shine upon us all.

Pick up the offering plate and move it to the center of the altar.

Lord and Lady, we bless this bread as an offering to you.

Place drink in the center of the offer.

Lord and Lady, we bless this drink as an offering to you.

The mother grows weary, her slumber near. Our father prepares to rise and grace us with his light.

Blessed parents we await your return and wish you well in you slumber.


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