Pagan view – Ignorance is not always bliss

I’m not sure that I believe in omnipotent being in the sky or around me, but I do believe in the feelings and actions, that what we consider to be, deities evoke. They are symbols, reminders if you will, of our capabilities.

No one knows for certain if Gods exist, but we do know that the universe and nature exist.

Pagans honor that fact and respect the life we have been given and the home that we have been provided.

I hear people criticize pagans for being fanciful and stuck in a fantasy world, but are we really more than anyone else.

I can understand. Media has played upon our practices and sensationalized them into something different.

Our deities have been turned into mythology, fictitious characters in stories because there is no proof they exist. Is that not hypocrisy?

The craft that many pagans practice, as well as nonpagans, has been mocked and distorted because people have forgotten the history of witchcraft and its use. They no longer recognize it as anything more than tricks and make belief.

There is much that you do not understand about us. Our beliefs vary from person to person depending on their chosen path.

The assumptions and jokes made about us are bred from ignorance and fear. This seems to be a common thing for our species.  If you do not know educate yourself rather than perpetuate the spread of lies. This had been demonstrated over time to be harmful.


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