My Plan for Raising Witchlings

I do plan on raising our children on a pagan path. I plan on teaching them as eclectics and letting them learn about my path, their father’s path, and their other mom’s path. My hope is that with my influence and our partners’ influence they will learn to love research and that would result in them being able to define their own spirituality when they are older.

None of us are exactly strictly religious. All three of us identify as pagan, but we are all kind of look at our paths as finding our way to understanding truth and the divine. All three of us have different paths, though similar in many ways.

Our children will learn magick , learn to love nature and the divine and see the beauty in all things. I don’t plan on hiding things from them but teaching them according to what appropriate and understandable at their ages and level of comprehension.

I don’t know if my partners will do this but my journals and notes will be open to them from the moment they express any interest, be it early in their lives or later – though it’s hard to say now, how I will put together those notes will be since I don’t have anything from when I was first learning bc I was extremely closeted and didn’t do things like journaling.

I don’t believe in hiding things from my children if it’s not something that would harm them or scar them. I truly believe that giving them the chance to learn who they are spiritually from a young age will be good for them. Because of this philosophy, they will be encouraged to learn about other faiths ( Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.). They will be encouraged to learn about them and respect them and they will be raised in a home that will let them know that they will be loved no matter their choices and those choices will be respected.

My plan is to listen to their spiritual desires and needs and do my best to make sure information is available to them. I don’t believe that, as a relative of mine put it, I “will screw my kids up, confuse them and destroy their chances of getting to know God”. I believe that my way of looking at it will help the to truly find God, Goddess or both in a way that fulfills their lives. It’s not my place to tell them how to worship and explore, but merely to offer guidance so that they seek a path of love, knowledge, and peace.


Special Note: This is similar to my plan on vegetarianism and veganism with my children. My philosophy on that is that this is what is being cooked, so eat it. If your other parents make something else you are welcome to that. If we eat out, pick whatever you want, but at home, I am a vegetarian ( hopefully one day vegan) and I cook that way. I’ll expand more on that in a post to come.


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