Paganing/Wiccaning (or When we finally have kids)

My family is dead set against paganism. I mentioned I was raised as an Jehovah’s Witness and it is completely against all metaphysical/occult arts. Its a pain but I respect their feelings and beliefs just as I want mine respected. I go to there house I make my pentacle disappear ( they prefer not be worn at all and that I leave it home; I just tuck it away in my shirt). They come to my house they deal with the pagan stuff or don’t come. We have had so many debates about kids ( who mind you are still like 9 years out into my future) and how my faith is detrimental to their spiritual well being, its is potential abuse ( what the even is that!), that I must consider the well-being of society ( ok my kids will actually love their fellow human animal and non human animal as sentient beings  and to respect the earth and all it provide as well as their all bodies). There has been more. Whatever! They will be my children, and if I am legitimately abusing them someone should report it, but don’t assume that I will because I a pagan and a witch and your religion doesn’t teach you anything of what they really are.

But still there is the problem that they are family and I would love for them to be able to be there when my children are born but I am not giving up on their wiccaning, paganing , naming, whatever the nordic version is ( Remember y’all wiccaning includes other moms faith, paganing or naming works for my path and if there is a nordic version that is what their dad would refer to it). This is a celebration of a new life ( possibly that of an old soul being reborn) and we should honor it and celebrate it and give the deities the proper respect owed for this event. My family wouldn’t accept this and it breaks my heart that they wont be able to be there if they refuse to accept that this will be done. 😦


I found this in my search for more about paganings. We are all solitary technically so If I’m to weak to do it myself the gf or another friend would have have to do it.


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