The very Basics of Sex Magick

Sex magick is an incredible manifestation of magick and energy. Its up there in my book with blood magick.

  • To be able to perform sex magick you need to first and foremost be comfortable with your magickal ability and your ability to control your magick.

With women Sex magick can have different peaks of power usually based on there menstrual cycle.

  • You need to be comfortable with your body and your sexual ability.

If you are not comfortable with you body or your sexual ability, then that is where your mind will be. Instead of focusing on the magick , you will be concerned with your appearance or with how well you are performing  sexually. With all magick you need to be able to focus and if you can’t the magick can go wrong.

  • If doing this with a partner you need to have a strong relationship with them.

Personally  for me sex magick works better in a context where I can submit and surrender to my partner. This requires trust and a strong mutual respect for each other and love. Personally. Some don’t feel it needs to be done this way.

Here is an example Sex Magick Ritual. I will add my comments to everything in bold.

Clean your body.

While bathing or showering you can visualize the water washing off all mental, emotional and physical dirt.

Take a salt water purifying bath. You need to wash all of the grime from the day whether mentally, emotionally or physically from you.  When you enter your sacred space you do not need to take all the muck with you. In mine I make a bath with Sea Salt, Lemon Slices and Orange slice, olive oil and candles with a lovely lavender soap to scrub myself clean.

Relax for a while and set up your space.

Banish all negative energy from the area and cast a circle.

Since I do sex magick with my partner only, first I set up the bed room to be our our sacred space and then meditate with him.This way I can be sure that my mind is clear and that we are on the same page.

Perform the ritual

You can do this either by affirming the outcome before you start the ritual, visualizing during the ritual or both. I personally do both. 



It seems fairly easy but it can be more complex than it sounds. I’ve provided the bare minimum that you need to know to perform this, but I recommend not doing this type of magick unless you are extremely comfortable with your abilities.




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