Charms/Amulets/ Tailismans

So since very early times items have been seen either as inherently magickal or able to hold magick within them once spelled.

Most religions consider these items holy or blessed rather than magickal, possibly due to many seeing “God” as the only thing/person that is capable of holding any type of metaphysical power that was not evil.

Most of the charms that we see today, outside of the magick practicing circles, are lucky or protective charms and even religious relics (But that goes back to what I mentioned about things being seen as holy).

People often associate amulets, charms and talismans interchangeably.

  • Amulets-objects worn, especially around the neck. Usually against evil or energy.
  • Talisman-an object marked with magic signs and believe to five supernatural protection and/or powers.
  • Charms-an item worn for its supposed magical benefit.

I personally refer to all as charms in my own personal workings, bc its simpler.

Charms are usually made from, crystals, wood or metal but can be made from a variety of objects (preferably more natural based). So for example cotton, hemp, leather, or wool clothes vs polyester)

Clear quartz: good for any purpose

Rose quartz: for love and harmony

Amethyst: for wisdom and psychic powers

Aventurine: for healing and prosperity.

Moonstone: for emotions, peace and love

Tiger’s eye: for wealth and protection

Iron: for protection and strength

Silver: for protection, Lunar power, love, prosperity

Gold: for prosperity and protection

Tin: for wealth and honor

Copper: for love and healing

Aluminum: for travel, communication


Gold: for wealth, protection, a God

Silver: for prosperity, the Moon, psychic abilities, the Goddess

Yellow: for healing, finding employment

Orange: for communication, messages, travel

Green: for prosperity, abundance, friendship, growth, Nature

Blue: for peace, calm, wisdom, benevolence,

Purple: for wisdom, mysteries, wealth, grandeur, justice

Red: for success, strength, romance, protection

Pink: for love, friendship, healing

Brown: for houses, home, justice, Earth, permanence

Black: to absorb and dissolve negativity


The acorn is believed to be a bringer of luck, prosperity, protection from lightning, and sexual potency.

The pine cone is a charm of luck, favorable influences, protection from harm, and sexual power.

A four-leafed clover is felt to be especially lucky. Clover is a symbol of life, luck and abundance.

A toadstone is a fossilized shark’s tooth. It is believed to heal illnesses and to repel evil.

Salt is considered to be a hallowing substance that purifies, repels evil, and attracts wealth

Silver is related to the Moon and believed to bring protection, wealth, and the blessing of all Goddesses.

A piece of wood that has been struck by lightning is believed to be empowered by Divine forces and is protection against all harm.

Man-made items

The horseshoe is a talisman of luck. Placed with the open end upward that luck will fill it and placed the opposite way, the luck will run out.

Symbols of various religions are held to be protective. The Cross, Star of David and Crescent are felt to be magickal by Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Keys are a symbol of access and power.

The hammer is a bringer of luck and a means of driving out evil.

Charms are a fairly simple type of magick depending on your comfort level with your magick. The easiest and quickest way to complete a charm is to charge the charm with your magick (i.e. holding it and visualize your magick flowing into the object). I believe Cody talked some about this at Mabon.

My favorite way to make a charm (bc it require less time and energy and I have very little of either bc of school right now) is by holding the object in your hands. Visualize the magick flowing into the object and then visualizing a magickal symbol that corresponds with what you want to the charm to be melting into the object. Et Voila you have a charm.

Another favorite of mine, when I have time, is to literally spell it. Put the object by a candle with the symbol you want to use carved into the candle. Its best to use a colored candle that corresponds with the outcome you want for your charm or a white candle. Also burn incense that correspond. After lighting the incense and the candle, run the amulet through the fire and the incense. You can then say a spell over it, then pass the Charm through the fire and smoke again.

A variation of this (which is my preferred way of doing charms), is to use a small taper candle that will burn in 20 minutes. Light incense (2) to place on the outside of the charm and candle. Carve your symbol into the candle and leave your charm beside it and say your spell. You can then can leave your circle until the spell is complete or do some other type of working, like Journaling. You can use one that burns longer but only if you have time to stay in the general area that you are doing the charm in. (So for instance I do mine on my dining room table so I can keep an eye on the flame but do other things)


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