Unconciousness of people

1157709_449878538444626_1437365056_nSociety has been  in a state of unconsciousness. We’ve figuratively been asleep to what is truly going on around us. We are consumed so much with what is going on in our lives, in our intimate circle, that if it has no “real” impact on how we choose to live our daily lives we ignore it. The problem is, is that in some way things happening 3 states over even halfway across the world effect you.

My biggest, i guess I can say pet peeves, when it come to the conversation of the unconsciousness of people are their uncaring nature towards earth, health and religion; Goddess, just people in general. So I will speak briefly on my feelings on these topics.


Every day we all unconsciously pollute the earth. But really there is no reason to be unconscious about it anymore. We hear about the harmful effects of air pollution  and chemical pollution yet we keep allowing it to happen by supporting the companies that promote these things.

While it still exist, many people still avoid getting to know there neighbor because its weird. And then neighbors who you try to get to know think you are someone dangerous.

links I’d like to share:



For one week just consciously focus on what you put into your body. When you go shopping do you buy your food from mostly the outside edge of the store or is it the inside of the store. Are you eating a well balanced diet or at least trying to.  Remember your body is you most precious vessel and connection to this physical plane.





I have only one opinion on this. Your truth is not necessarily someone else’s.  Don’t force your beliefs on others. Try to find the common ground. Honest, its there. Don’t alienate yourself from your brothers and sisters ( well technically cousins if they aren’t you “blood” kin).


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