Service- How paganism made me see I was a part of a whole.

971261_547073558686170_103242958_nService to the earth, Service to nature, Service to the World,  Service to yourself, Service to Humanity.

Not that I don’t care about others and such as I will get to but I have a really big sense of self-love. Not a bad thing but a lot of people think it is bad. But I’m going to explain to you how paganism helps me see that I was a part of a whole and that my high sense of self is not bad.

Service to yourself = Service to the earth = Service to the World = Service to Humanity

One thing I learned is that to truly be connected to the universe you must learn to be connected on every level from within you and beyond.

To love someone else, I must love myself. To connect with my brothers and sisters of the craft, I need to know myself.

So yes, I love me, but in the way that it helps connect to the world around me; when I’m not being introverted and climbing in my shell.



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