Reincarnation- Why?

My view of reincarnation

You live your life, you die, if you learned the lesson you were suppose to learn then you are reincarnated with a new assignment. Its an endless cycle until you feel that you have learned all you can  or should then you have the option to remain in Summerland.

You live your life. There is no need to worry about being good or bad because that doesn’t really play a key role in reincarnation, at least not from the understanding that Arty and I have discussed  about it.You should want to be a good person in general not because you are going to get something out of it.

You die…Something happens, its your time.

You have a lesson to learn, a task to perform, a mission. You complete it. If you don’ complete it then you may need to undergo a similar life to complete it it and learn what you needed to.

You wait in Summerland until it is your time to return to this physical plane. or if you feel that you have gained enough knowledge


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