Hexes and Curses – Right or Wrong

Hexes or curses are the intentional use of negative energy or magick directly intended to hurt someone, physically, mentally, emotionally. It is not always an immediate thing but can build in strength over time.These are powerful spells that force things, events, etc. on people against there will.


Because you are taking a slew of powerful emotions that can break even the strongest group of people and condensing it onto a person (sometimes a group) with ill intent.

So the question is, are they bad?

So many people believe there is no clear answer to tha,t so I can only give my opinion.

I think curses are bad. No one should ever force something on someone.  When I do a spell that is directed at someone I ask permission, unless its a spell to get someone out my life.

Wait But isn’t doing a spell to get someone out you life the same thing as doing something against there will?

Absolutely not. Doing a spell to keep someone out of you life doesn’t mean you are doing something harmful to them. I’ve done spells to keep people out of my life by making me seem repugnant to them so that they would make a decision to go away. That doesn’t hurt them at all.

When would You say a  curse should be used?

Again that’s up to people’s individual choice. Personally I have always lived a life according to how I want others to treat me. So that means I wouldn’t curse anyone if I could help it. Curses and hexes are my absolute  last option for protections; but with so many ways to do spells, so many different spells and so many  options now a days to get people out of your life and help with protection, I doubt I’ll ever use it.

Often in this discussion a debate about Light/White and Dark/Black witches crop up. I think its silly. None of us can be completely good or bad . We are different shades of gray in this spectrum.

Many people follow the REDE in some form , whether Wiccan or just “plain” witches. Allow people to rationalize it how the will as long as you do what you know in your heart to be true.

So In essence its up to the witch to determine if it is Right or wrong to use it. Just be prepared if it comes back to you ( law of  three). 🙂


Love and Light Kittens


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