When their taboos are YOUR NORMAL

I sometimes feel like I am alone even when surrounded by people, even family and friends that I know care for me. But how can I not feel that way I they are constantly judging everything about me?

I’ve been told quite often “Stop trying to be so different.” Or “Why can’t you be normal” or “Its like you like to get a rise out of people.”

The problem is is that I’m not trying to be different, I’m not trying to get a rise out of people, I’m not trying to be obstinate. To Me I am being normal. ( And this is without us going into the whole what defines normal thing, at least at this point it does)

To me normal is

  • being nature based and Pagan
  • being a witch.
  • wearing my pentagram.
  • constantly questioning if what I am being told is the truth
  • being polyamorous,
  • being LGBT
  • believing that all people deserve to have the benefits allotted by the government for married people regardless of race, orientation or number
  • not falling for the “truth” that a piece of paper I have to get from the courthouse makes a person married.  It is instead a spiritual (not religious) connection and a vow to stay faithful (in the terms defined by the parties evolved) makes a marriage
  • not believing that following parts of a book are the only ways to live your life.
  • that knowing that I still have moral and values with out being a Christian or the bible.
  • believing that women shouldn’t be raped just because their skirt was to short in your opinion, because girls who are fully  dressed covered still get raped
  • having the knowledge that no girl is a slut or whore just because she wears “revealing” “short” “skimpy” provocative” or “tight” clothing
  • believing that everyone deserves love but not everyone deserves your respect
  • believing that we are on earth to learn lessons so therefore are reincarnated into different being to experience life  from that perspective.
  • attachment parenting
  • extended breastfeeding
  • loving your body and being proud of it
  • being a vegetarian/ vegan if you feel it is right.
  • liking lots of cuddly behavior.
  • respecting social welfare and not exploiting it
  • knowing that there is a problem with society and not being afraid to voice concern.

I mean I can go on but I won’t burden you with all that.

See some of the things on my list are things that you would think people wouldn’t have a problem with, yet for some reason they are controversial and people have problems with them. They can sit and talk about celebrity gossip but when you get down to real issues whether social, moral  or spiritual people clam up. They get scared and want to run and label you as abnormal. They forget everyone is different even if some opinions are the same for the “majority” of interest.

But to all my freakish, abnormal, hard to live with friends. Don’t let it scare you away from being YOUR NORMAL because being true to yourself is so much more important than crushing your inner core values to fit in.



4 thoughts on “When their taboos are YOUR NORMAL

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