The Meeting of Paths

What is it?

A student group that we started this past semester at my university, UT Arlington.

Some about us:

An eclectic pagan student group at UTA. We welcome all students of any path to participate in our events, as long as they maintain an open mind and respect for others. Our main goals are to promote religious tolerance through education and provide pagan UTA students with a safe place to practice.


Currently we have had 5 regular meetings ( 3 when we were trying to become official and 2 since becoming official)

We have also celebrated 2 of the Sabbaths (Ostara and Beltane)

Monthly Meetings are held around the lunar cycle. We try to pick within the 3 days of the full moon. Meetings are from 6:30pm – 9:00pm


Well since we are new we haven’t really been involved on campus as a group.  We have had our meeting and Sabbaths ( under special events) and are now participating in the involvement/activity fairs on campus ( showcase of student organizations during student orientations). But we have so many different Ideas for when fall semester starts. Can’t wait.

If you are curious or would like more info visit us  on facebook, tumblr, mavorgs, or email  us @

Also here is a link to the story the school paper wrote.


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