Religion and spirituality in Education: Does it have a place?

Short answer. NO, Not in my opinion. ( and that what this is.My feelings on this topic from my perspective.)

Where did this question spawn? This post.

Mind you I love this blog and I love the post. It’s just the one suggesting that got me thinking. Here it is below.

“6.) Start school with God. Do a devotion, read a bible story, practice memory verses, make worldview or apologetics, etc, the first class of the day – whatever methods you choose. It’s giving God the best of our day, and it’s setting the tone for the rest of our school day.”

I mean honestly I am down for starting my kids day off with a devotional to the Father and Mother but just not school. This was my reply to her her blog , which I posted on her blog’s Facebook page. I also posted it on the blog but I don’t know if it made it on it since it has to be approved.

“I disagree with 6. I just feel like god and education should be separate. I am very spiritual and feel that deity and faith have strong places in life, but I feel to issue that children can learn to make rational decisions as adults they should have that one area without the presence of deity. The rest I completely agree with. My favorite time to meditate of my spiritual path is in the morning or while cooking. That make my day so much better. These are some great tips.”

And lucky the woman was very gracious about me stating our differences. I love people like that.

Yes like I said I feel that spirituality and religion have its place  in life, education is not one of them. We have to give children room  to grow and learn more than what we believe so that they have the opportunity to make their own conscious  decisions. We need to be open to children making their own choices and mistake.

Personally I feel that the mix of religion and education is the problem, with things now. But of course its my opinion and I understand why many parents choose to mix them.

BTW go to this blog. You will love it if you are a parent or planning to be a parent and want tips now. SHe has good ideas for life.


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