Honoring the Great Mother on Mother’s Day

” Earth I hear  you calling me 
 Earth, Mother Earth I hear you calling me. 
 In the Air I breathe 
 In the Fiery Summer sun 
 In the Water I drink 
 And in the Earth I walk  upon”

( I don't remember the author but thank you to that person for writing this)

Among us earth worshiping we must not forget that today is not just a day to honor our mothers on this plan. if you believe in past lives take time to honor the mother that you had form that life, even if you do not remember her. Even more we should take time out of this day honor the Earth.


Many paths have a great mother or at least acknowledge the earth as an all mother. We plan for this day for our human mother, but here gifts, treat her, and if you don’t talk to her often you do on this day. Do the same for your matron. How?

  • plant something
  • meditate
  • say thank you
  • step outside and take a moment to enjoy the bounty that the earth has given us.

There are so many ways to do this But most importantly, Honor your physical and spirit mother daily. Whether you are nature or deity based, this is something you can do because Mother Earth is here with us always. Protecting us, providing for us.




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