31 days of Witchcraft – Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques?

I don’t quite practice.Its more like I try to. I have had some trouble memorizing the meaning of different things for this art for extended periods of time. I put this to the fact that 1) I am still in university so most of the time I’m studying as to not have wasted $4-5000  in tuition and fees 2) my main focus has always be to learn the arts of herbalism.  When I decided to practice witchcraft I wanted to be a hedge witch, idk why I was just drawn to that, and well that is still my goal.I am currently study water and fire scrying and runes. I want to do tarot as well. When I have my notes I tend to do well, but I have learned that in the arts like this I can’t always focus enough so I mess up often. One day, I keep telling mysel. One  day.



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