Witch but not Wiccan… The difference. My difference

I will admit that a good 40 to 50 percent of my beliefs follow the path of Wicca but I do not identify as wiccan.

First I do not practice any of these traditions:

* *Gardnerian

* *Alexandrian

* *Mohsian

* *Central Valley (a collective term for the traditions named below)

* -Silver Crescent

* -Kingstone

* -Daoine Coire

* -Assembly of Wicca

* -Majestic

Since I do not follow any of theses traditions, I personally do not feel that I can claim to be Wiccan. Some have told me that I am just a  Solitary wiccan. I don’t argue that I am, but I feel that Wicca has its traditions and therefore to be a Wiccan you can’t really be eclectic  ( Mind you if you identify as an eclectic Wiccan, I have nothing against your choice. Please continue on your path because that is the essence of paganism, finding a path that draws you closer to the divine, whether nature or deity based.) Per my understanding  Wicca has its own specific rites and specific deities. I don’t perform rites in a set fashion. I usually  just record the basics and then as I expand and go with the flow. So no, I am not Wiccan I just studied it and some of it resonated with me and was incorporated into my path.

I practice a craft.

I am first and formost an ecletic witch

“Eclectic Witch: An individual approach in which the witch picks and chooses from many different traditions and creates a personalized form of witchcraft that meets their individual needs and abilities. They do not follow a particular religion or tradition, but study and learn from many different systems and use what works best for them.”

Then I follow the path of an kitchen witch and green witch while studying the path of a hedge witch. ( This is taking me the longest because while I’m in school I can’t devote as much time as I would like to to this part of my craft.)

“Green Witch: A practitioner of of witchcraft whose focus is on the use of natural items and places. The goal of the Green Witch is upon achieving magic through communion with Mother Nature and using Her energies.”

“Hedge Witch: Hedgecraft is a path that is somewhat shamanic in nature, as they are practitioners of an Earth-based spirituality. These are the ones who engage in spirit flight and journey into the Otherworld. They can, in this capacity, be very powerful midwives and healers. A bird of one kind or another is usually associated with the Hedge Witch, most commonly the raven and the goose. The term “hedge” signified the boundary of the village and represents the boundary that exists between this world and the spiritual realm.”

“Kitchen (Cottage)Witch: A practitioner of witchcraft who uses the tools at hand to work their spells and create their rituals and who deals with the practical sides of religion, magick and the Elements of the Earth. Some who hear the term “Kitchen Witch” may think it is a magickal art confined only to the kitchen or cooking, but it is much more. It is about the finding of the sacred.”

So I definitely do practice witchcraft. Not that really cool stuff that you see on TV with all the  special effects. That’s Hollywood.  I never try to use my craft for anything I can do myself. Like do I really need to call a broom to me from across the room. How hard is it to walk a few yards.  No. I don’t even know if that possible. I doubt it is, since I’ve never met anyone that could nor tried myself.

Witchcraft is not a game. It is tool. Specifically a tool I use to be closer to nature.

L&L Loves,

Zephyrrine ^.^v


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