31 days of Witchcraft-How did you discover your path?

I first heard the term pagan in my upbringing in a Christian household. I was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness. As most other Christians are taught anything pagan is against God so I avoided it, despite the fact that I never felt a connection to Christian teachings.

I always felt a connection to nature, deep and rich. It was in my 6th grade  world history class that I came to find a new meaning for paganism. My teacher mentioned paganism in a discussion about Egypt. She was kind of setting up  the  introduction of it. It interested me so much. So I did more research.

I discovered that Paganism wasn’t a bad thing, like I have been taught.  So since that day I have effectively labeled myself Pagan, but I have always been pagan, I just didn’t know it. I am proud of who I am and not ashamed to show it. I wear my pentacle proudly.


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