Why I don’t follow the rede

I’ve been told a few times that I’m an affront to pagans because I don’t follow the Rede.
I used to think it was just newbies, but then I learned that it was also coming from “well seasoned” pagans from various paths and witches who haven’t learned to differentiate between and Wiccan practices that a witch chooses to use and Wicca.

Well excuse me, but first and foremost the Rede is call the Wiccan Rede in its entirety,  and I am not Wiccan. I don’t feel bound to follow the Rede, just because there are some things in Wicca I’ve found useful in my studies.

I prefer to use common sense, and to follow my path as I am led; as well as what I discover when new aspects about myself and the beliefs I harbor within me are revealed. I set to explore things and attempt to break past what is narrowly defined by organized religion and dogma.

So rather than follow the Rede, I strive to look at my actions and ask “is the negative impact that most likely will occur, even if I don’t experience it myself, worth it” and if I do experience it “can I handle the perceived consequences”.

Its all cause and effect.

Personally, I view the Rede as another piece of religious dogma. I feel that in many ways that it is less about the people who are practicing Wicca and more about protecting the religion in some ways.

The Rede itself is one of the many reason I decided Wicca was not for me. Artemis tried.

Lol, you guys really should be around when my spirit guide and I discuss the events of my life.

I may later talk about everything in the Rede, that does not resonate with me, but for now I’ll focus on the one part that I really disliked.

The part commonly referenced is ” An ye harm none, do what ye will.”

Basically dont do anything that can harm anyone, and no one cares what you do.

Well I look at it this way. Energy is not an infinite source. It exist, it can not be destroyed or created. It can be transformed and reused.

If you are directing energy in any way, you are taking from someone, and that can cause harm. Even the tiniest spell that seemingly does not  have a negative affect, can in fact have a type of negative impact.

It’s simply a matter of how you look at things. I view everything as connected, so it’s easy for me to see how it works.

We are multiple networks creating a tangled web which is the universe.

Now I have no problem with people using the Rede themselves. Its a pretty good general guideline for those that feel they need it, especially newly converted ones or those starting their journey.

I view the Rede ultimately the same way as I view the bible. Useful to those that believe it’s more than worlds, so good for them. It doesn’t benefit me in any way.

My biggest problem with the discussion about the Rede, is those feel you must have a book or written document that outlines morals and such. When I hear from Pagans, it actually makes my skin crawl.

Remember you don’t need anything written or anything taught to be able to determine right from wrong or have a moral compass.

So is not following the Rede really so bad?


Love and Light


The Roles Filled by Clergy, Explained


This is the type of statement we need. Thank you.

Originally posted on Not All Who Wander Are Lost:

I interviewed a prospective student recently and asked her what her goal was with training. What did she eventually want to do with information I taught her? She said she wanted to become a High Priestess. I asked her what she meant by that, and she couldn’t explain it to me.

I’m not surprised. It seems like such a simple concept, but there’s more to it than many of us think. Breaking down the different roles filled by a High Priestess – or really any clergy member – isn’t exactly a regular conversational topic, and it’s not covered in the intro books either.

Why not?

We Pagans and Polytheists are reinventing the wheel in several areas. It’s part and parcel of trying to simultaneously revive ancient practices, meld those practices into modern life, and create something that will endure into the future.

Thing is, there’s so much assumption going on…

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PST 8 Ancestors & the afterlife

This is a very good pod cast that I relate to a lot. His beliefs on ancestors and reincarnation are very similar to my own.

PST 8 Ancestors & the afterlife

In this episode I talk about the Wiccan conception of reincarnation and how it is derived from the Hindu concept.  Also I tell you what I was taught concerning reincarnation and the afterlife when …

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Facebook rant

Yes Wicca is a recognized religion in America. But that doesn’t mean all pagans should be grouped under that term, just to have religious rights.

My path personally has no relationship to Wicca, aside from the fact that I studied it for years in my teens years before I learned it wasn’t for me.

For me to claim the religion as my own would be would be wrong.

I claim no religion beyond the grouping under the term pagan. I am pagan. I am spiritual. I am a witch. I go where I am guided, without the rules of religious dogma.

Many people who identify as Wicca have similar views, but the fact remains that their is something about the religion that draws them to associate it.

If someone chooses to use that terminology to label themselves, perfect. But the assumption that we are all Wiccan is false.

Facebook rant

People really should stop using Wiccan and Witch interchangeably.

They are not one in the same. To be Wiccans is to follow a religious belief and it’s many variations. To be a witch is a practice of the arts of the old that help us become one with the earth.

Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is not.

Wiccans can be witches, not every witch is Wiccan.
Witches exist is every religion and outside of religion.

Wicca is not representative of the pagan community. It is a part of the pagan community.

Adam sinned too, not just eve

I love the fact that someone just pointed out that, nothing changed before Adam partook of the fruit of knowledge. If you go by the patriarchal ideology of the bible, Adam had the power to not take of the fruit even when Eve gave it to him and told him what the serpent said.

Adam had the ability to say no, according to the scriptures, he even may have had a better understanding of commandments of God ( maybe not sure). He didn’t not do it, so putting the blame on women is just pointless, bc in the end he chose to sin as well.

I think I asked this once as child but the idea was rejected by an elder. I feel like rereading this scripture now.


What do you think of people using Warlock to describe themselves or as a label, the same as I call myself a witch.

There are 2 definitions I know of:
– Old english one that breaks faith/ oath breaker (also the one that Wicca and many neopagans commonly use)
-Male witch

Are tools a necessity

I find it interesting that so many people believe you MUST  have certain  tools and instruments to be a pagan or practice witchcraft.

Where have we gone wrong in our teaching, guidance and mentorship, that people gain the misperception that you must use these things.

Using tools has many purposes; Ceremoncy, focus, establishing connections, channeling to name a few.
Tools though are not a necessity. If you don’t have them it doesn’t make you less than or unable to practice.

Our bodies are the only “tool” we need. You can’t leave home without it.

Now there are some forms of the craft and certain pagan paths that do use tools as part of a regular practice. Those are specific parts; they don’t represent the whole.

Deity and paganism

I’ve through plenty of crap in life that makes me doubt the existence and concept of all power omnipotent diety.

Please don’t try to tell me that the only way to be pagan or a witch is to have deep unwavering faith in an deity. You probably don’t really understand what either is.

Niether requires a belief in deity, but apparently people are so wrap up in religion that they can’t understand being spiritual as something separate from deity, even pagans and atheists.
We’ve mingled spirit with th by spirit and have forgotten that it also means many other things. Its even in the dictionary for basics.

( http://i.word.com/idictionary/spirit )

Being spiritual is coming to understand that their are thing that surpass our limtied knowledge, seeking answers,  and coming to understand of ourselves.

You don’t need god for that.

Why I am out and open about being pagan and a witch

 I will formally not address the belief that witches and pagans should practice/worship in secret beyond stating this: I do not believe that is a blanket rule; I believe that it is advice for the instances where it can be dangerous for you to be open.You don’t have to go and say that you are a witch or pagan to every person you meet, but you should not have to hide it any more that anyone else has to hide their belief.


In some places it could be dangerous to be found out that you are pagan, a witch or both. You can be simply bullied or literally murdered, imprisoned and persecuted for you religious and/or spiritual  practices. I live in an area that is relatively safe and I am an out and open witch to promote the truth about the craft in hope that people will stop seeing us as evil and hopefully lessen the persecution of our sisters and brothers. For me being out isn’t just because I don’t want to be in the closet. Its is a form of activism that is easily accessible to me like have and blog and sharing via word of mouth and actions. People see me, a sweet, nice, adorable, innocent, respectful and educated young women, but then they hear I am a pagan and a witch. If your opinions and perception of me change simply bc of my spiritual practices ( or what you think i do), but not because of anything that I have legitimately done wrong, that says a lot about who you are and about the ill perceptions society perpetuates.   This is what I do. I use myself as a living and breathing example of what we really are, because o me it is important to try for the safety and well being of those that can not.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a side note I also do this for:

  • Feminism
  • BDSM
  • Polyamory/Polygamy to name a few