Are tools a necessity

I find it interesting that so many people believe you MUST  have certain  tools and instruments to be a pagan or practice witchcraft.

Where have we gone wrong in our teaching, guidance and mentorship, that people gain the misperception that you must use these things.

Using tools has many purposes; Ceremoncy, focus, establishing connections, channeling to name a few.
Tools though are not a necessity. If you don’t have them it doesn’t make you less than or unable to practice.

Our bodies are the only “tool” we need. You can’t leave home without it.

Now there are some forms of the craft and certain pagan paths that do use tools as part of a regular practice. Those are specific parts; they don’t represent the whole.

Deity and paganism

I’ve through plenty of crap in life that makes me doubt the existence and concept of all power omnipotent diety.

Please don’t try to tell me that the only way to be pagan or a witch is to have deep unwavering faith in an deity. You probably don’t really understand what either is.

Niether requires a belief in deity, but apparently people are so wrap up in religion that they can’t understand being spiritual as something separate from deity, even pagans and atheists.
We’ve mingled spirit with th by spirit and have forgotten that it also means many other things. Its even in the dictionary for basics.

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Being spiritual is coming to understand that their are thing that surpass our limtied knowledge, seeking answers,  and coming to understand of ourselves.

You don’t need god for that.

Why I am out and open about being pagan and a witch

 I will formally not address the belief that witches and pagans should practice/worship in secret beyond stating this: I do not believe that is a blanket rule; I believe that it is advice for the instances where it can be dangerous for you to be open.You don’t have to go and say that you are a witch or pagan to every person you meet, but you should not have to hide it any more that anyone else has to hide their belief.


In some places it could be dangerous to be found out that you are pagan, a witch or both. You can be simply bullied or literally murdered, imprisoned and persecuted for you religious and/or spiritual  practices. I live in an area that is relatively safe and I am an out and open witch to promote the truth about the craft in hope that people will stop seeing us as evil and hopefully lessen the persecution of our sisters and brothers. For me being out isn’t just because I don’t want to be in the closet. Its is a form of activism that is easily accessible to me like have and blog and sharing via word of mouth and actions. People see me, a sweet, nice, adorable, innocent, respectful and educated young women, but then they hear I am a pagan and a witch. If your opinions and perception of me change simply bc of my spiritual practices ( or what you think i do), but not because of anything that I have legitimately done wrong, that says a lot about who you are and about the ill perceptions society perpetuates.   This is what I do. I use myself as a living and breathing example of what we really are, because o me it is important to try for the safety and well being of those that can not.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a side note I also do this for:

  • Feminism
  • BDSM
  • Polyamory/Polygamy to name a few

Pagan view – Ignorance is not always bliss

I’m not sure that I believe in omnipotent being in the sky or around me, but I do believe in the feelings and actions, that what we consider to be, deities evoke. They are symbols, reminders if you will, of our capabilities.

No one knows for certain if Gods exist, but we do know that the universe and nature exist.

Pagans honor that fact and respect the life we have been given and the home that we have been provided.

I hear people criticize pagans for being fanciful and stuck in a fantasy world, but are we really more than anyone else.

I can understand. Media has played upon our practices and sensationalized them into something different.

Our deities have been turned into mythology, fictitious characters in stories, because there is no proof they exist. Is that not hypocrisy?

The craft that many pagans practice, as well as non pagans, has been mocked and distorted because people have forgoften the history of witchcraft and it’s use. They no longer recognize it as anything more than tricks and make believe.

There is much that you do not understand about us. Our beliefs vary from person to person depending on their chosen path.

The assumptions and jokes made about us are breed from ignorance and fear. This seems to be a common things for our species.  If you do not know educate yourself rather than perpetuate the spread of lies. This had been demonstrated over time to be harmful.

What Do Poetry and Prayer Have in Common


Lovely reading

Originally posted on Creo en Dios!:

Diane Roth, who is an associate pastor of one of the Lutheran churches in the Twin Cities (Woodlake Lutheran), wrote a blog post recently that began with the confession that although she loves both poetry and prayer, she doesn’t feel that she is particularly good at either one. Nonetheless, emulating some of her favorite poets, many of whose poems really are prayers (Mary Oliver and Denise Levertov are the examples she gave), she said she had been writing occasional “haiku prayers” over the last year or so. This activity prompted her to reflect on what poetry and prayer might have in common.

She suggested three ways the two are similar. The first is that both “have a necessary honesty.” A good poem, Roth suggested, “is, above all, honest. It doesn’t pull punches. It tells the truth. In fact, poetry is one way of getting deeper into truth, an expression of…

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My Plan for Raising Witchlings

I do plan on raising our children on a pagan path. I plan on teaching them as eclectics and letting them learn about my path, their father’s path and their other mom’s path. My hope is that with my influence and our partners influence they will learn to love research and that  would result in them being able to define their own spirituality when they are older.
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Pagan and poly… No there is no correlation

In the links below I have provided a link to a glossary that may help with definitions you may not know. If you can’t find your questions there is google or ask me.

At 12 I discovered paganism.

At 14 I discovered multi-person relationships; at 19 I discovered that it was a relationship style that had a name polyamory.

In my freshman year of high school, I found myself in a very complicated relationship structure. First it started with my dating a female friend of mine then we decided to just be friends, so then when another female friend of mine asked me out but had a boyfriend already I was a bit shocked, but not in the way most would be. My concern was how her boyfriend – who everyone knew she was crazy about- felt about this, because I knew nothing of multi person relationships that weren’t polygamy based and were just dating and I wan’t interested in him at all. But whatever we just went with it. Soon after I started dating my ex-girlfriend again, though she and I had a pretty much on again off again relationship, then I ended up with a boyfriend for a while before being completely single for my senior year.  I wasn’t as I know now singlish I had be for part of my sophomore and junior year. I was alone though we were all friends.

So how did this work?

Well first off I wasn’t for sex, so that was removed  out of the equation. OMG, yes not all teenagers are horn-dogs who can’t keep their pants on. We were friends first  and talked about things. We dealt with it as best we could, but being in HS we knew that things were bound to end at some point. And for me the relationship really didn’t work out bc due to home problems and such I was pretty much everyone secondary partner; which definitely not what I wanted.  I really didn’t have the time or energy to be with people at that age when I was finding myself, but I did know one thing for sure. I preferred multi-people relationships to monogamy.

Then came university and 2 years of monogamy.

1 tortured and 1 that I didn’t mind…

but as my research on polygamy  progressed I came across a new term; But more  on that  later. By the time I started college I had been researching the topic of polygamy for about 4 years. Big love came out about the time I was 14, and it was amazing at least to me. While watching it I kept asking myself, “what’s wrong with polygamy?” The only bad parts were  really what I saw being depicted of life on compounds and with men that didn’t respect their wives (BTW- this show depicted one part of polygamy – polygygny 1 man multiple wives).  Growing up I had been told it was bad and against God, so I started doing my own research and developed my own opinions.So yea, I really think that polygamy is great. Its the people that screw it up when they are selfish. So all of that research introduced me to a relationship style that didn’t involve the marriage aspect -necessarily- Polyamory.

The more I learned, the more I realized that that’s the category I feel into. Well really it fall into a mix of poly and plyg, bc if it ever was decriminalized and I was ready to have a second spouse I marry another person.

Unfortunately soon after I got into university I started dating someone; I knew they were strictly monogamous bc my bff and I made jokes that he should marry us both  ( she was and is strictly monogamous as well). I still had not come to terms with how I could be in a plural relationship, but needless to say the relationship ended. He was extremely busy with school and work and me having male friends I hung out with on a regular basis made him uncomfortable – and I wan’t going to stay in my room for most of university.

Then my current bf, my lovely fiance and I reconnected and he had pretty strict rules for me but I actually didn’t mind them. I still don’t. We dated for almost a year when he moved in with me and I started talking to him more animatedly about polyamory and polygamy especially bc I had just start the blog on that topic and it was really easy to talk to him and get my thoughts organized.

Then I decided to ask him how he felt about us being poly and that was a good and bad decision.  Good bc it opened a dialogue, bad bc it took me forever to prove to him that it wasn’t bc he was lacking in any way.

Pagan and poly

So what is poly?

First and foremost it IS NOT CHEATING. It is a agreed relationship between two or more individuals ( see the link for more info).

So these are two of the major foundations of me. Both were developing traits of me at the same time and both are a part of who I am as a spiritual being but they have nothing to do with each other.

Paganism is a pretty freeing religious practice. I have no book or god telling me I am a bad person for being me, loving who I love, etc. though many might not agree with the way you live your life, they are a lot more tolerant or even accepting. So While I didn’t pick pagan to be poly, paganism has allowed me to blossom and find myself, Find my partners and find happiness.

Yes, I said partners. Plural. My fiance and I have been together now for almost 3 years ( Dating anniversary in May), bound for 2 years ( binding anniversary in April) and in a relationship with our GF for as of now 8 months ( triad anniversary in April, 2 days after my fiance and my binding anniversary.

We are what we define as a poly open triad. Not to be confused with a couple finding a female to complete them. NO, just NO! Now our poly group could expand you never know.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If I come up with more to say I’ll update this or write a part 2.


Links that can help:

Pagans and Polyamory

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