What Do Poetry and Prayer Have in Common


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Diane Roth, who is an associate pastor of one of the Lutheran churches in the Twin Cities (Woodlake Lutheran), wrote a blog post recently that began with the confession that although she loves both poetry and prayer, she doesn’t feel that she is particularly good at either one. Nonetheless, emulating some of her favorite poets, many of whose poems really are prayers (Mary Oliver and Denise Levertov are the examples she gave), she said she had been writing occasional “haiku prayers” over the last year or so. This activity prompted her to reflect on what poetry and prayer might have in common.

She suggested three ways the two are similar. The first is that both “have a necessary honesty.” A good poem, Roth suggested, “is, above all, honest. It doesn’t pull punches. It tells the truth. In fact, poetry is one way of getting deeper into truth, an expression of…

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My Plan for Raising Witchlings

I do plan on raising our children on a pagan path. I plan on teaching them as eclectics and letting them learn about my path, their father’s path and their other mom’s path. My hope is that with my influence and our partners influence they will learn to love research and that  would result in them being able to define their own spirituality when they are older.
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Pagan and poly… No there is no correlation

In the links below I have provided a link to a glossary that may help with definitions you may not know. If you can’t find your questions there is google or ask me.

At 12 I discovered paganism.

At 14 I discovered multi-person relationships; at 19 I discovered that it was a relationship style that had a name polyamory.

In my freshman year of high school, I found myself in a very complicated relationship structure. First it started with my dating a female friend of mine then we decided to just be friends, so then when another female friend of mine asked me out but had a boyfriend already I was a bit shocked, but not in the way most would be. My concern was how her boyfriend – who everyone knew she was crazy about- felt about this, because I knew nothing of multi person relationships that weren’t polygamy based and were just dating and I wan’t interested in him at all. But whatever we just went with it. Soon after I started dating my ex-girlfriend again, though she and I had a pretty much on again off again relationship, then I ended up with a boyfriend for a while before being completely single for my senior year.  I wasn’t as I know now singlish I had be for part of my sophomore and junior year. I was alone though we were all friends.

So how did this work?

Well first off I wasn’t for sex, so that was removed  out of the equation. OMG, yes not all teenagers are horn-dogs who can’t keep their pants on. We were friends first  and talked about things. We dealt with it as best we could, but being in HS we knew that things were bound to end at some point. And for me the relationship really didn’t work out bc due to home problems and such I was pretty much everyone secondary partner; which definitely not what I wanted.  I really didn’t have the time or energy to be with people at that age when I was finding myself, but I did know one thing for sure. I preferred multi-people relationships to monogamy.

Then came university and 2 years of monogamy.

1 tortured and 1 that I didn’t mind…

but as my research on polygamy  progressed I came across a new term; But more  on that  later. By the time I started college I had been researching the topic of polygamy for about 4 years. Big love came out about the time I was 14, and it was amazing at least to me. While watching it I kept asking myself, “what’s wrong with polygamy?” The only bad parts were  really what I saw being depicted of life on compounds and with men that didn’t respect their wives (BTW- this show depicted one part of polygamy – polygygny 1 man multiple wives).  Growing up I had been told it was bad and against God, so I started doing my own research and developed my own opinions.So yea, I really think that polygamy is great. Its the people that screw it up when they are selfish. So all of that research introduced me to a relationship style that didn’t involve the marriage aspect -necessarily- Polyamory.

The more I learned, the more I realized that that’s the category I feel into. Well really it fall into a mix of poly and plyg, bc if it ever was decriminalized and I was ready to have a second spouse I marry another person.

Unfortunately soon after I got into university I started dating someone; I knew they were strictly monogamous bc my bff and I made jokes that he should marry us both  ( she was and is strictly monogamous as well). I still had not come to terms with how I could be in a plural relationship, but needless to say the relationship ended. He was extremely busy with school and work and me having male friends I hung out with on a regular basis made him uncomfortable – and I wan’t going to stay in my room for most of university.

Then my current bf, my lovely fiance and I reconnected and he had pretty strict rules for me but I actually didn’t mind them. I still don’t. We dated for almost a year when he moved in with me and I started talking to him more animatedly about polyamory and polygamy especially bc I had just start the blog on that topic and it was really easy to talk to him and get my thoughts organized.

Then I decided to ask him how he felt about us being poly and that was a good and bad decision.  Good bc it opened a dialogue, bad bc it took me forever to prove to him that it wasn’t bc he was lacking in any way.

Pagan and poly

So what is poly?

First and foremost it IS NOT CHEATING. It is a agreed relationship between two or more individuals ( see the link for more info).

So these are two of the major foundations of me. Both were developing traits of me at the same time and both are a part of who I am as a spiritual being but they have nothing to do with each other.

Paganism is a pretty freeing religious practice. I have no book or god telling me I am a bad person for being me, loving who I love, etc. though many might not agree with the way you live your life, they are a lot more tolerant or even accepting. So While I didn’t pick pagan to be poly, paganism has allowed me to blossom and find myself, Find my partners and find happiness.

Yes, I said partners. Plural. My fiance and I have been together now for almost 3 years ( Dating anniversary in May), bound for 2 years ( binding anniversary in April) and in a relationship with our GF for as of now 8 months ( triad anniversary in April, 2 days after my fiance and my binding anniversary.

We are what we define as a poly open triad. Not to be confused with a couple finding a female to complete them. NO, just NO! Now our poly group could expand you never know.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If I come up with more to say I’ll update this or write a part 2.


Links that can help:

Pagans and Polyamory

Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts

The Polyamory Society

The Polyamory Society Glossary

More than two


Blog Shares: Christian Views on homosexuality that I agree with

Everyone’s a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony

If my son or daughter were gay…


What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter


I started at the first link ans ended at the last each post taking me to the next and I was remind as I read that it is not necessarily the Christianity as a Religion that is bad, but the way that it has been twisted and the words of it religious text used to propagate others desires.
I would love so much to thank each of these people for there kind words and taking time to spread knowledge.


Eclectic Celtic pagan/Nordic Yule with a little bit of wicca thrown in.

Ok so I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been incredibly busy. I had finals and we decided to move right before Yule and do a holiday party as well on time. Yay! for me being crazy. But aside from the killer headache of moving and trying to organize everything I managed to plan a successful Yule celebration that was a mix of the three of us. Triple Yay!

Our paths

Hubby has embarked on the Nordic path of paganism, which I know little about, but as his mentor I have had to do some crash course learning. Not much just educating myself of how the Nordic path celebrates its Sabbaths and such. For his path we are following the 12 days of Yuletide; I normally just do Yule.

I am an Eclectic Celtic pagan as everyone knows by reading the blog.

And our partner classifies as Wiccan.

So I’ll give a little walk through of our celebration. It was really informal with 10 people, including my fiance and I as the hosts.

the tree

The Tree



Fire (Yule log)





View of the buffet

View of the buffet

Appetizers- fruit and cheese tray with wine /sparkling cider,  grape juice and veggie quiche

Main course- baked chicken,  fruit and nut stuffing with rosemary

Second view of the buffet

Second view of the buffet

potatoes, candied carrots, rolls, steamed broccoli, Cranberry sauce

Desert- chocolate yule or gingerbread  log

Drink- coffee, wine, chocolate, tea, mead, hard cider.


Appetizers- fruit and cheese tray with wine /sparkling cider and  grape juice

Main course- baked chicken,  fruit and nut stuffing with rosemary potatoes, candied carrots, rolls, steamed broccoli and raw carrots

Desert- chocolate yule or gingerbread  log

Drink- coffee, wine, chocolate, tea,egg nog, hard cider + more adult beverages.



-Altar Cloth
-A Cauldron w/Lid
-Holly Sprig
-1 Gold God candle
-1 White or  Silver Goddess candle

The Yule log is in the fire place curtesy of our partner and her friends

The Yule log is in the fire place courtesy of our partner and her friends


The Altar

***Our God and Goddess candles broke during the move so we used our binding candles

-1 Green , 1 White , 1 Red
***My fav incense for all rituals
- Athame
-Altar tile
-4 white candles

-  Offering plate with cake

First I lit the incense. I silently called the elements to form a circle around us. I set the altar tile in the middle of the altar and put a small white candle at each corner. I put the red, green and white candle in the middle and lit the  all 7 of them.  In the cauldron I set my spell for Yule. I choose a purification spell.

“Awaken, my Lady, look upon Thyne Divine Child, His rebirth while You slumbered Was subtle and silent. The Stag King, the Green Man, Lord of Fertility, He awaits Thy wakening Gentle and benevolent”

Light the Goddess candle.

“All hail the Oak King, His rebirth; a promise All hail the Divine Child, Giver of Life All hail the Blessed Sun, reborn to the Mother For he retakes His throne at the end of Solstice Night!”

Light the God candle and put out the Goddess candle.

Do  spell work then meditation. Next celebrate with the apple and wine, passing it around the circle.  (We would have used cake but not everyone liked the ginger cake and that was what was left) Thank and release the elements:

“Carry sweet tidings, ’round the world and beyond, I charge thee as messengers Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Let all rejoice loudly in the Oak King’s return Teach all that you meet, with the glad tidings you bear.”

Put out all the candles except the good candle.

“Before my circle, tonight, I close Blessings I ask for this house and my kin Tomorrow at daybreak, when I arise A special flame I will carry, within… And a gold candle upon my altar I’ll light Adding my will to the Sun King’s intent To climb aloft in the vaulted skies And for strength back to me; three times, strength I’ve sent.”

Like I said everything was really informal, since half the guest weren’t pagan or were pagan curious. We also didn’t honor particular deities bc everyone has different patrons and matrons but noted this during meditation.

Ritual adapted from: http://wicca.com/celtic/akasha/yulerit.htm

This site is great for last minute help or beginning knowledge.

Welcoming Non-Pagans to Your Pagan Celebration

Tips for Attending a Pagan Ritual

New age.. What does it mean

New Age


1. Of or relating to a complex of spiritual and consciousness-raising movements originating in the 1980s and covering a range of themes from a belief in spiritualism and reincarnation to advocacy of holistic approaches to health and ecology.
New Age


1. (Philosophy)

a.  a philosophy, originating in the late 1980s, characterized by a belief in alternative medicine, astrology, spiritualism, etc.
b.  (as modifier) New Age therapies
New′ Age′

1. of or pertaining to a movement espousing a broad range of philosophies and practices traditionally viewed as occult, metaphysical, or paranormal.
What is New Age?
What I see and understand of the new age movement is that is is a mix between taking the old and applying it to the new helping us to have a better and deeper understanding of . We look at ourselves from the prospective of mind, body and spirit needing to be in harmony for an individual to work towards peace and understanding. Common themes throughout the various version of the movement are everything being viewed as connected, social change require change of the consciousness of the people ( I am extremely rooted into this idea), we need to be aware of what we do to the environment, be non violent and work to develop a community yet again so that people can grow and develop.
Here are so attachments from Wikipedia. If you don’t like it do more research by yourself.

“Although these books, periodicals, and organizations did not speak with one voice, commentators found that many of them sounded common themes:

  • Our world does not reflect who we at our best can be.[121]
  • All our most significant social and political problems go back at least 300 years.[153]
  • The political system therefore needs to be transformed, not just reformed,[116] with the help of a new political theory appropriate to our time.[117]
  • Holism – seeing everything as connected – is the first step on the way to creating that new political theory.[116][121]
  • Doing away with the categories of “left” and “right” is another essential part of that task.[116][121]
  • Significant social change requires deep changes in consciousness; institutional change is not enough.[117][154]
  • Above all, consciousness needs to become more ecologically aware,[121][129] more feminist,[121][129] and more oriented to compassionate global unity.[116][129]
  • Desirable values include nonviolence, diversity, a sense of community, and a sense of enoughness.[129][135]
  • Human growth and development, not economic growth, should be the overarching goal of New Age society.[135]
  • Ownership and control of institutions is important. But the size of institutions is at least as important. We must move away from big governments, big corporations, and other large institutions to the extent it enhances our lives.[116][135]
  • We can begin this process by interlacing hierarchical structures with horizontal networks.[129][155]
  • Global unification is a key goal, but is probably best accomplished by networking at many levels rather than establishing a centralized world state.[116]
  • The agent of political change is no longer the working class, or any economic class. Instead, it is all those who are developing themselves personally and spiritually – all who aspire to live lives of dignity and service.[117]
  • Evolution is to be preferred to revolution. However, the forces of evolutionary change need not be a statistical majority. A “critical mass” of informed, committed, and spiritually aware people can move a nation forward.[116][145]
Concept Description
Theism General and abstract idea of God, understood in many ways and seen as superseding the need to anthropomorphize deity.
Spiritual beings Many believe that godsdevasangelsAscended MasterselementalsghostsfaeriesSpirit guides and extraterrestrials can spiritually guide people who open themselves to such guidance.[43]
Afterlife New Age thinkers have expressed a variety of beliefs about an afterlife.[44] Every New Age person must find their own path — whether it involves reincarnation, non-existence, or a higher plane of consciousness. Some believe consciousness persists after death as life in different forms; the afterlife exists for further learning through the form of a spirit,reincarnation and/or near-death experiences. The New Age belief in reincarnation can differ from the Buddhist or Hindu concepts: seeing a soul, for example, born into a spiritual realm or even on a far-away planet, and there is no desire to end this process; there are also beliefs that either all individuals (not just a minority) can choose where they reincarnate, or that God/the universe always chooses the best reincarnation for each person.[45] There may be a belief in a limited number of earthly lives which are followed by some guaranteed higher existence. One version is that the individual must incarnate once under each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.[46] There may be a belief in hell, but typically not in the traditional Christian sense or Islamic sense of eternal damnation. Universalist views of the afterlife are common.
Age of Aquarius Some New Age thinkers have declared that, sometime before the 21st century, the world began entering an age of Aquarius. For example, in her book The Aquarian Conspiracy(1980), Marilyn Ferguson acknowledges being drawn to the notion that we are leaving a dark Piscean age and entering “a millennium of love and light – in the words of the popular song, ‘The Age of Aquarius’, the time of ‘the mind’s true liberation’.”[47] In the 1990s, spiritual writers Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson drew on their knowledge of astrology to declare that we are entering an age of Aquarius, which would be characterized by intuitive thinking, group consciousness, and planetary service, and could be expected to last about 2,100 years.[48] Other claims about the developments associated with the Age of Aquarius include, but are not limited to, human rightsdemocracy, innovative technology,electricity, computers, and aviation. Esoteric claims are that the Age of Aquarius will see a rise in consciousness.[12]
Eschatology Related to the above; a belief that we are living on the threshold of a great change in human consciousness usually focused on the date December 21, 2012 when a major, usually positive, change was believed to have occurred.[49] See 2012 phenomenon.
Astrology Horoscopes and the Zodiac are used in understanding, interpreting, and organizing information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters.[50]
Teleology Life has a purpose; this includes a belief in synchronicity—that coincidences have spiritual meaning and lessons to teach those open to them. Everything is universally connectedthrough God and participates in the same energy.[51] There is a cosmic goal and a belief that all entities are (knowingly or unknowingly) cooperating towards this goal.
Indigo children Children are being born with a more highly developed spiritual power than earlier generations.[52][53]
Interpersonal relationships New Age writer Mark Satin found that, even in the 1970s, New Age people were rejecting traditional sex roles in favor of relaionships and ways of being that emphasized such qualities as authenticity, women’s equality in all areas of life, and freedom to choose.[54] A pair of social scientists claims that New Agers are unusually committed to helping others, both in personal relationships (by drawing out people’s unique selves) and through volunteer activities.[55] New Age writers Corinne McLaughlin and David Spangler point to a longing for connectedness with other members of one’s community.[56] A variety of possible New Age interpersonal and intra-community relationships, many highlighting the wisdom and empowerment of women, is explored in Starhawk‘s futuristric novel The Fifth Sacred Thing.[57]
Intuition An important aspect of perception – offset by a somewhat strict rationalism – noted especially in the works of psychologist Carl Jung.[58]
Optimism Positive thinking supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything,[59] based on the concept that Thought Creates. Therefore, as one begins focusing attention and consciousness on the positive, on the “half-filled” glass of water, reality starts shifting and materializing the positive intentions and aspects of life. A certain critical mass of people with a highly spiritual consciousness will bring about a sudden change in the whole population.[60] Humans have a responsibility to take part in positive creative activity and to work to heal ourselves, each other and the planet.[61]
Human Potential Movement The human mind has much greater potential than that ascribed to it[62][63][64] and can even override physical reality.[65]
Spiritual healing Humans have potential healing powers, such as therapeutic touch, which they can develop to heal others through touch or at a distance.[66]
Time Concept of Eternal Now as a true nature of time (including the past, present, and a multitude of “snapshots” of the pre-constructed variants of the future). Cyclic, as well as relative nature of time. “Spirit sees things differently than you do. You work in a linear time frame and Spirit does not.” A human’s choices made in the present affect his/her linear past, as the totality of time is a closed dynamic system.[67][68] “You are eternal in both directions… If you look far enough into your past, you’ll find your future there.”[69]
Concept Description
Eclecticism New Age spirituality is characterized by an individual approach to spiritual practices and philosophies, and the rejection of religious doctrine and dogma.[70]
Matriarchy Feminine forms of spirituality, including feminine images of the divine, such as the female Aeon Sophia in Gnosticism, are deprecated by patriarchal religions.[5]
Ancient civilizations AtlantisLemuriaMu, and other lost lands existed.[71] Relics such as the crystal skulls and monuments such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza were left behind.
Psychic perception Certain geographic locations emanate psychic energy (sometimes through ley lines) and were considered sacred in pagan religions throughout the world.[72]
Eastern worldpractices MeditationYogaTantraChinese medicineAyurvedaMartial artsT’ai chi ch’uanFalun GongQigongReflexologyReiki, and other Eastern practices may assist in focusing spirituality.
Diet Food influences both the mind and body; it is generally preferable to practice vegetarianismveganism and rawfoodism by eating fresh organic food, which is locally grown and in season;[73][74] fasting may be used.[75]
Mathematics An appeal to the language of nature and mathematics, as evidenced by numerologyKabbalah,[76] Sacred geometry, and gnosticism to discern the nature of God.
Science Quantum mechanicsparapsychology, and the Gaia hypothesis have been used in quantum mysticism to explain spiritual principles.[77] Authors Deepak ChopraFritjof Capra,Fred Alan Wolf, and Gary Zukav have linked quantum mechanics to New Age spirituality, which is presented in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!? (2004); also, in connection with the Law of Attraction, which is related to New Thought and presented in the film The Secret (2006). They have interpreted the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principlequantum entanglementwave function collapse, or the many-worlds interpretation to mean that all objects in the universe are one (monism), that possibility and existence are endless, and that the physical world is only what one believes it to be. In medicine, such practices as therapeutic touch, homeopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy involve hypotheses and treatments that have not been accepted by the conventional, science-based medical community through the normal course of empirical testing.[78][79] New Age thought often includes references to the paranormal and to parapscyhology.[80]

Paganing/Wiccaning (or When we finally have kids)

My family is dead set against paganism. I mentioned I was raised as an Jehovah’s Witness and it is completely against all metaphysical/occult arts. Its a pain but I respect their feelings and beliefs just as I want mine respected. I go to there house I make my pentacle disappear ( they prefer not be worn at all and that I leave it home; I just tuck it away in my shirt). They come to my house they deal with the pagan stuff or don’t come. We have had so many debates about kids ( who mind you are still like 9 years out into my future) and how my faith is detrimental to their spiritual well being, its is potential abuse ( what the even is that!), that I must consider the well-being of society ( ok my kids will actually love their fellow human animal and non human animal as sentient beings  and to respect the earth and all it provide as well as their all bodies). There has been more. Whatever! They will be my children, and if I am legitimately abusing them someone should report it, but don’t assume that I will because I a pagan and a witch and your religion doesn’t teach you anything of what they really are.

But still there is the problem that they are family and I would love for them to be able to be there when my children are born but I am not giving up on their wiccaning, paganing , naming, whatever the nordic version is ( Remember y’all wiccaning includes other moms faith, paganing or naming works for my path and if there is a nordic version that is what their dad would refer to it). This is a celebration of a new life ( possibly that of an old soul being reborn) and we should honor it and celebrate it and give the deities the proper respect owed for this event. My family wouldn’t accept this and it breaks my heart that they wont be able to be there if they refuse to accept that this will be done. :(


I found this in my search for more about paganings. We are all solitary technically so If I’m to weak to do it myself the gf or another friend would have have to do it.